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But what about android?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

After a while, even the Apple Air 2 seems too heavy to perch on your chest comfortably at night, particularly with a case to stop you panicking every time the slippery iPad starts to escape from your grasp.

So when Lenovo began selling its 16G Lenovo Tab A8 A5550 in Switzerland for CHF100, I snapped it up despite the 1280×800 resolution (well below the iPad’s retina offering).

In reality, I bought it for a 93-year-old friend to get his emails, surf the web and hook into Netflix films.

I liked it so much I went back to our local Interdiscount store next day and bought a second one for myself. The deal gave me a case for CHF15 extra. For me I also added CHF20 mini SD card to increase the storage by 32GB.

Why did I like it so much?

In search of the killer app

The 5 megapixels camera might appeal to some, though it’s hardly any more than ordinary these days and doesn’t get much praise from reviewers. Several say it doesn’t perform well in poor light — but I’d say the same about my iPhone 5.

Another appealing feature is facility that enables you to share (send and receive) photos without Wi-Fi or bluetooth enabled.

But tnat’s not a killer app, even for the no-typing millennial generation and it had no immediate attraction for me.

What I liked immediately was:

  • how easy it was to hook up to my router and set up email for my friend
  • the ready-to-go inclusion of all the apps you would normally need, even a free Ms office-compatible editing suite
  • the simple controls almost always onscreen (back arrow, close and current apps)

Not so evil

In contrast to Apple and Microsoft, Google offers non-proprietory browsers, an office app and Skype in addition to Chrome, Docs and Hangout with Facebook as well as Google+.

But I have also come to love the pull-down lists of new notifications on the left of the screen and the quick-controls over settings that’ over on the right.

Better than iPad

For me the Yahoo and Gmail apps work much better on the Android than on the iPad. Perhaps Apple’s heavy bureaucracy weighs down the creativity of developers. They don’t want to get back into revisions once the first effort has been accepted.


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