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Recordium – a reporter’s toolbox

Saturday, 5 July 2014

What’s a reporter’s worst problem with recording interviews, statements and conferences?

Finding the quote you want to enliven your report, particular when proceedings can go on for over an hour: some organizations believe we judge news conferences by the quantity not quality.

A young journalism student in the U.K. facing just this kind of problem sat down to program an app that could help him in his work.

The result was Recordium, available in free and pro versions for a modest price.

Its obvious help is that you can tag recordings as you go along or make notes.

But that’s not all the assistance it offers to a harried reporter.

You select the eecordings you need and extract them to another file, with or without annotations. You can move your tags and notes to different parts of the file easily. You can back up automatically to iCloud so that you can access files on any Apple device, e.g. record on your iPhone and e dit on yoir iPad or iPod.

Google Accordium and you’ll learn that it can automatically pause when you receive a call on your cellphone, save space by not recording silent passages, and compressing mp3/4 files to save space. You can also save in other formats. I haven’t tried these yet, but the files are amazingly small.

The latest version got some stick from users for no longer saving to Dropbox and for its interface, but I found it intuitive: simply stretch the waveline to zoom in on passages.

The default name for files was the date and time. The edit button brought me to snip or delete, with an obvious arrow to expand or shorten the selection on either side. Then I had the choice to save with or without annotations, or cancel. Simples.

If only it would turn speech into text…


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