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Why are we waiting? One answer

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Don't quite know how, but I had over 150 apps waiting to update. And I mean waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

I hunted via the search engines. The most common advice was to restore your old system.

i.e. lose all your updates since whenever.

One guy even boasted he had an old version from some time before.

So I tried that. Thought I'd be clever and back up to the cloud, since I had an earlier version on the computer.

Clicked backup to iCloud, and Backup Now.

Not so clever. The iPad chose to back up to the computer, overwriting my old backup.

Anyway, I hit restore. After the requisite century of computer time (I guess about five minutes), my iPad came back to life.

However, I still had 160+ downloads to take care of.

This time I went to the Purchased section, and tried swiping left and right, as some had recommended, which would supposedly take away of old app and bring in the new.

No response.

Thinking I might delete the item, I pressed on an icon (well, several) until the details in iTunes Store. This time the spinning circle went away and told me to update. Which I did and for a few it worked.

The others just kept spinning. Or sat there with a square blob in the middle of the circle, whatever that means.

Now I've read something that seems to work:

1. Attach your iPad to the computer where you do all your iOS work.

2. When it has recognized your iPad go to the File menu and select Apps from the dropdown list.

3. Across the top bar there should be an Updates tab. The bottom of the screen should show an Update All Apps button. Press it.

4. Wait for the requisite compteter century.

5. Sync the iPad and iTunes.

You'll still have more than a hundred apps 'waiting' to update, but at least they'll be on your machine and ready to use.

I presume Apple will sort it out sometime soon, though the chatrooms suggest it has happened before.


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