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iOS7: read all about it

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ios7Mashable has pulled out all the stops for the release of iOS 7. It tells you what to do before you install it, what are the new features, what the new Software Developers' Kit involves, and promises more over the next week.

So what is new apart from the switch to flat icons (Microsoft was first there), a new font, card-style thumbing through open apps, and 'parallax' viewing of backgrounds to make Mashable declare it the biggest update since 2.0?

The biggest new feature seems to be the Control Centre, allowing you to launch various settings by swiping up. It took me some time (three days) to find out how call up the search facility. Instead of pressing the Home button from the Home screen but swipe down from the screen you are on. I kept opening up the Calendar instead (I was swiping down from too high).

Another, unseen, is the facility to exchange info with other iOS devices nearby. Perhaps that will save me emailing my wife with interesting Web pages. I'll report on this later.

However, Gizmodo reports that with iOS7 your tablet and iPhone will hook up to wi-fi and 3G simultaneously. If you are playing something in iTunes and leave the house, you should not notice any break in the transmission.

ReadWriteWeb has a whole article on the slew of mysteries about iOS7, such as the blue dots and battery-draining automatic updating or refreshing of apps in the background. And there's another on the 'three most annoying' innovations of iOS7.

No doubt the start of a series.

Meanwhile, there's a slew of Apps to update.



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