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iTunes App Store: why I can’t sing its praises

Friday, 19 April 2013

All those iApps for so little money. They're great, aren't they? And if you don't like them you can say so through Apple's rating system.

The only app you can't rate is iTunes App Store. Apple, it seems, just doesn't want to hear. Maybe because it's as good as Microsoft at meeting customers' demands.

For example, maybe your iPad will freeze if you don't update the system software, even if it's a fix for a bug you don't have. It happened a couple of days ago.

Or perhaps an update to an app should wouldn't install. I'm not sure whether that's Apple's fault or the app maker's.

But what I am sure is down to Apple is the annoying fact that when you are forced to delete an App that keeps crashing (as with Huffington Post after updating my system), I had to look for it again in the Apple search pane before I could easily reinstall it. Given the propensity of apps to fail, surely Appstore could keep a list of the most recently deleted apps to make restoring them a breeze.

On many Windows programs, if you delete one, you don't also lose your settings. So surely it shouldn't be difficult for Appstore to do the same.

And many a time when I am switched over the App Store from a link in something like Lifehacker or Gizmodo, the app screen vanishes and I am left with my usual German lists of neat apps (because I can't tell Apple I just want the English stuff).


I'd much rather see the app with the related programs than all the unbeatable offers of things I don't want.



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