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UX Write now does docx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

It doesn't quite work yet as I want, but UX Write is already in my Favorites folder on my Home Page. Now maybe it is worth your support, too, even at $25.

ux write video

UX Write video

UX Write aims to give us a word processor that goes beyond Pages with full HTML5 processing. What that means, particularly for journalists and academics, is a text that can immediately post to the web and put in the past all those programs on the iPad we use to transform between the various formats.

In addition, HTML5 formatting means you can easily exchange documents with others and post to the Web.

As of 25 February 2015 it can read-write Microsoft Word docx formats. This is a major step forward. It doesn't promise completely transparent transformation of your documents. You'll have to see for yourself whether it takes over all the formatting you want.

The creator Peter Kelly writes in his blog: “Virtually all of the basic text and formatting properties are supported, along with essential features like figures, tables, styles, numbered headings and captions, cross-references, and automatically-generated tables of contents.”

Don't ever expect compatibility with the older Microsoft doc format. Kelly reckons that would require six months extra work which, I can't blame him, he wants to devote to other things. You can check out the complexity of Word vs HMTL5 coding on his blog.

I can't blame you for not wanting to lay out the cash immediately. My purchase was more of an investiment in hope, partially satisfied by the latest upgrade. But obviously, the more cash Kelly has to finance his project, the quicker he can make progress.

The app will be of particular use eventually if you have files in Tex. It's on Kelly's to-do list. I am waiting for the footnotes and citations work to be completed to start using it daily. At present Pages loses all my footnotes when it reads from doc files.

I'll also be glad when I can attach my own stylesheets to control the HTML5 rather than make do with inline coding.



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