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IPad for newbies: How to take and email a photo

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Continuing my series for complete beginners, here's how to take and email a photo from your iPad:

You probably have the inbuilt camera app in the middle of the bottom-row quick apps tab:

When you tap it, the camera comes up, either as a still or movie device. You can tell which from the indicator at the bottom right:

Make sure it is over to the left before taking your snapshot. If not, slide it over. The red button should then change to a camera button, as in this screenshot. If it's already there, you are golden.

Use the camera button to take the photo. As you see, I use the onscreen grid to help me. If you want it, tap the options button bottom left. Do the same to remove it.

If you have already taken a photo, call up the camera and tap on the tiny photo bottom left. This brings up the last photo you have taken:

Note I am cheating here. This is not the last but a better photo. If you don't see what you want, you can tap the top-left camera roll button. This produces a bigger display of all the photos you have taken:


Select the one you want and press the arrow key at the top right (see my ship photo). This then appears:

These are all the choices available to you if you have the apps. Since you want to email your photo rather than post it on Facebook or Twitter, choose the email option. Note you use this for printing photos, too:

The app calls up your emailer with the photo already inserted. Simply add the address and any message. Send. Neat.



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