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If you use Dropbox you need this: Droptext

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Droptext 2.0.2

If you use Dropbox you need this. It works exactly as advertised: enabling you to edit texts on the cloud storage facility and to view docs, pdfs and jpgs. It costs $1.


These days I hardly use the Dropbox app itself, which offers editing only in inconvenient alternatives (which are also there in Droptext).

Word doc

Be warned: most website reviews are of the first edition, which offered a much smaller skill set. In over a year have had no problems with the app crashing, as several complained about Droptext 1.0. This is, in fact, why I am writing this review now. I have seen no independent analyses of this latest version, which Invisions Technical Arts rewrote from the ground up and released in October. The latest version, fixing an iPhone 5 bug, appeared on 6 November 2012.

You can set a number of defaults, including a passcode to protect your files. You don't even need to go with the standard green.

My only complaint: I wish it would also allow me to store my notes on iCloud like the more expensive HelvetiNote ($3 against $1). But HelvetiNote doesn't work with Dropbox.



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