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Evernote 5 goes green

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Surely everyone's heard by now of Evernote, and it's Google-like pledge to always be free (there's a subscription model for those like me who want to store a lot). Now it's up to version 5, with a makeover and reorganization designed to make all major functions available with one tap. I find it as indispensable as ever – in my case for research notes, with a number of innovations to make it even more useful.

You get a new vertical line of buttons to create a new note, take a snapshot and (this is new) scan an item into the program. Once you tap a page to call it up or create a note you also get the chance to add a voice note (on the old horizontal line of icons).

For iPad there's a bonus: the top window is for your recent items. And for all of us, the theme color is green. The design is like a file-drawer with the folders entitled Places, Tags, Notebooks and All Notes, as well as Recent Notes and Premium Features.

Premium users, by the way, can access their notebooks offline. So you can save your web clippings for the train journey just like all those other web clippers such as Pocket and Readability. You get access to your Premium features from the home screen.

Not everything works as it should, perhaps the fault of Apple Maps. It asked to use my geographical position when I created a note, then flagged me as writing from the Aletsch Glacier. Not even close.

You can find another review on Ubergizmo, which notes that the Mac version is still in beta. Evernote knows its audience. Jon Mitchell on ReadWrite says this is the Evernote we have been waiting for, particularly for its speed, addition of a new note button and reorganization, though he doesn't like having that Premium tab always around (you use it for sending pages offline and setting a pinlock).



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