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Blog editing and more: Blogsy

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rating: ++++

Cost: $4.99

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get around to praising this Blog editor extraordinary. I tried using the WordPress app and gave up in frustration at having to learn what looked like another program. I also blog on other platforms. Blogsy won me over by offering easy hookups to places like blogger and even Facebook. Once you're hooked up, the menu offers only the actions permitted by your platform. Very handy.

Even better, it also provides links to photo and video sites, such as Flickr and Vimeo. And its 'pull to insert' facility makes it comparatively easy to place photos and videos, or web links via the built-in (too tiny) browser (at least theoretically). You can easily pull in images from these sites, too. If the platform accepts Markdown (a simple markup language), you can use it in Blogsy. It even does Joomla and Drupal, which pretty much makes Blogsy a foolproof, indispensible posting machine. In all, I wondered why I waited so long to promote it.

I'd give it five +s if it allowed a preview before posting. WordPress themes, for example, don't show as WYSIWIG until you publish. But there's a comprehensive formatting bar at the top of the page, though you might not realize it extends to the right for coloring texts and background (see below)

When I riased this with Blogsy, I was reminded that none of blog editors offer you a WYSIWYG preview before you post, and that Blogsy enables you to create and edit in an approximate page view. room for development.

To edit in HTML swipe across with three fingers, and the same to go back to rich text format. If you cut and paste from elsewhere it automatically deletes the code your platform cannot use.

You will probably need the guide or videos to feel really comfortable with Blogsy. For example, there are a lot of neat things you can do with images but they need explaining: including using a finger on each hand to move an image from paragraph to paragraph while placing it. So there is a learning curve. I haven't mastered all its facilities yet. But for the most part it's intuitive.

Before you buy, you can check how it works via the videos. But for most functions you'll find it more straightforward than the plethora of videos suggests.

Other reviews

imore: The reviewer Leanna Lofte likes the scheduling function and “super easy” placing of images, but not that you have to click online to change a published blog.

Most of the other reviews I found via Google referred to earlier versions, and complained of bugs that have been fixed.


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